CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ (Υποκατάστημα Ελλάδος) - The Company

The Company

CNP ASFALISTIKI (Greek Branch) is the Branch of CNP ASFALISTIKI Cyprus, a member of the CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS Group. CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS LTD is a member of the French multinational Group CNP ASSURANCES, with 160 years of historical presence in three continents and with over 37m. insured persons.

CNP ASFALISTIKI (Greek Branch), with years of experience in the Greek insurance sector, has specialized expertise and a wide range of products that provide insurance cover for the home, shop, office and photovoltaic systems, and it is addressed to individuals as well as businesses. The Company offers its products through a network of Independent Insurance Intermediaries.

The Group’s strong capital base, CNP ASSURANCES’s strength, the ability, expertise, experience and professionalism of the Company’s executives as well as the Company's network, constitute a guarantee for success.

Reliable Solution

CNP ASFALISTIKI (Greek Branch) offers a reliable answer to the needs of its customers with exceptional service and competitive pricing.

Financial Statements

Please, check the Company’s financial statements.

Board of Directors

CNP ASFALISTIKI’s (Greek Branch) smooth and efficient operation is due to the expertise of its Board of Directors.

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