CNP ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ (Υποκατάστημα Ελλάδος) - Board of Directors

Board of Directors

CNP ASFALISTIKI’s (Greek Branch) smooth and efficient operation is due to the expertise of its Board of Directors. In consultation with the Company’s executives and associates, the Board ensures that the Company's philosophy and strategy are implemented with good corporate governance.

Chairman           Xavier Larnaudie-Eiffel 
Vice-Chairman           Brigitte Molkhou
Chief Executive Officer           Takis Phidia
Members of the Board           Stylianos Stefanou
            Takis Kelirides
            Thierry Desvignes
            Gabriel Abizas
            Celine Byl
Secretary           Polys Michaelides
General Manager           Andreas C. Stylianou
Legal Representative           George Georgakopoulos
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